Published December 31 2017

I recommend Spinelli without hesitation

By Sébastien B.

I recommend Spinelli without hesitation

I showed up in person on December 27th and I was lucky to meet Peter for a CH-R that I had been wanting for a good 6 months now. I introduced myself that day knowing full well that the timing was perfect for shopping for a car. Spinelli was the third place I knew about my approach.

As soon as I arrived I was put in contact with Peter Papas, it was the best experience I had during an offer / purchase of a vehicle. I wasted no time and I mentioned everything I wanted, model, warranty, accessories without mentioning price.

Meeting a problem in the surplus of what my vehicle required versus what I had as an offer, I thought everything was over because the gap to be filled had become unrealistic even from my point of view.

Despite that, after some small negotiations Peter and I finally came to an agreement. All I wanted, delivered 2 days later with the accessories installed, at a more than reasonable price for a Toyota, under the terms and conditions that I had previously targeted.

Impeccable service, characteristics of the vehicle mastered by Peter, a very positive experience on my side.

My new CH-R fills me beyond my expectations, a first Toyota, and if the experience is repeated like this, it will certainly not be the last.

I recommend Spinelli without hesitation !! Peter is a master! And it was not him who told me to say that.